Tuesday, June 26: “Blessed Assurance”

Jesus is mine. Jesus is yours. Jesus is ours. Jesus is everyone’s. Oh what a Savior!

Frances Jane Crosby (Fanny J. Crosby) was born on March 24, 1820. She lost her eyesight when she was six weeks old. Fanny began writing poems when she was 8 years old. She has written approximately 6,000 hymns. Fanny may have lost her sight, but God instilled the gift of writing within her.

Through Jesus, we have “a foretaste of glory divine.” We are an “Heir of Salvation, purchase of God, born of His Spirit, washed in his blood.” Are there better words to describe what Jesus has done for us? By submitting to His love, “all is at rest. I, in my Savior, am happy and blessed.” We are “filled with His goodness, lost in His love.”

What is there not to praise Jesus about? We are no longer separated from God. Jesus opened the door to eternal life where we’ll be “praising our Savior all the day long.” Our sins have been removed. We have been washed clean.

Let us go forth with boldness, showing the world what God has done for us. Let us be a light and a testimony to the way, the truth and the life.


Sherry Bronner