Sunday Mornings: Education Hour

Children and adults meet for Christian education on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m. during the school year.

Sunday School/Youth Group

Children ages 3-18 are grouped by age for traditional Sunday school lessons and crafts, helping them grow their relationships with Jesus and with other children and adults. Each age group is led by a teacher (the same person each week) and an assistant (one of several volunteers).

Adult Forum / Bible Study & Discussion

While children are meeting for Sunday school, adult members gather for Adult Forum, which discusses a range of topics relevant to the Christian life, including group Bible study. Other topics have included stewardship of our health and of Creation, seasons of the church year, and church governance.

Bible Studies

Weekly Bible Study: Each Sunday’s Scripture Readings

Every Tuesday morning from 11 am -12 pm in our church library, come study the Scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday. (Like many Lutheran churches, St. Paul follows the schedule of the Revised Common Lectionary and includes readings from the Old Testament, a Psalm, the New Testament, and a Gospel reading each week.) No knowledge of or experience studying the Bible is required to participate. Our study is very casual, and allows us to listen for how God might be speaking into our lives for the week. We read the Scripture lessons together during the study, and those present are welcome to participate at whatever level is comfortable: no one is required to speak or to read. Everyone’s perspective is valued, and all are welcome!

Special Topics

We also have occasional six-to-eight-week Bible studies on special topics. These usually meet in two groups, one group on a weeknight and one group on a weekday morning. Past topics have included heaven and hell, angels in the Bible, the book of Isaiah, and the book of Revelation.