Music has a rich tradition at St. Paul Lutheran including our beautiful organ, choirs and an orchestra and solos during special events.


Much of the organ derives from the congregation’s Kilgen, which was acquired early in the 20th century. After many decades of service, it was dismantled from the earlier sanctuary and reinstalled in the present church building in 1957, with some modifications. Visiting instrumental musicians often praise the acoustic of the high and resonant sanctuary.

The organ was thoroughly rebuilt and enlarged by the Schaedle firm in 1992, at which time the interior of the console was replaced and new keyboards and pedalboard installed. The sanctuary is traditional, in modified basilica form.  The old altar is against the liturgical east (cardinal south) wall, with a divided, exposed Great above and to either side.  This division includes Gt. Principals 8′, 4′, and 2′ and both mixtures (the 2′ is a 12-pipe extension of the 4′).  The rest of the Great and all of the Pedal division (except Swell extensions) are enclosed in an expression box Epistle side (to the right as you face the altar).  The Swell is in a similar box Gospel side.  Choir seating is Epistle side, about 20 feet from the altar, the choir facing north.  The organ console is past the choir, about 30 feet from the altar, positioned so that the organist also faces (liturgical) north.  Thus, the choir and chancel are to the organist’s right and the congregation to the organist’s left.  Chimes are high on the wall in the back of the sanctuary.

In 2020, the organ was refurbished and the pipes cleaned and revoiced by Muller Pipe Organ.


The choir is currently on hiatus due to Covid. We hope to be able to resume singing together soon!

Many members of St. Paul Lutheran participate in the choir. The choir rehearses about once a week preparing a variety of pieces that are delivered during services and special events. Being part of the choir means more than just singing, it means singing praises to God and fellowship with many interesting people. The choir consistently exudes the attitude of a fun-loving group while continually producing quality music for the congregation.

Bell Choir

The bell choir blesses services with music on a variety of occasions. Using a 4-octave set of quality hand bells, this group produces glorious music letting the bells ring out their clear tones. Past pieces have included many common hymns.


St. Paul’s instrumental group is composed of members and local musicians. They play during special seasons including Christmas, Easter, Reformation, the church picnic and other special events. The excellent arrangements complement this diverse set of musicians. Having an orchestra provides a bit of additional flair and fanfare to the already important festivals of the church.