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Welcome to St. Paul Lutheran Church!

Please note that all of our staff including Pr. Emily are working from home for the moment – you can email us or leave voice messages as normal, but if you need to reach Pastor right away, please call the after-hours line.

COVID Policy

After consideration of CDC guidelines, declining COVID case numbers, and state mask mandates being lifted, the Council has decided that masks are now optional at worship and church events. All are encouraged to decide in accordance with their health conditions and comfort level.

These are practices we will continue for the time being:

  • Holy Communion may be celebrated either with pre-packaged kits at our seats, or at the communion rail. For those who wish to take Communion at the railing, you can either come forward to dip a wafer into the wine or grape juice chalice, or you can bring forward your individual communion kit and take it at the railing as you hear the words “Given and shed for you”. Those who wish to continue to take communion at their pew may continue to do so.
  • We will remain socially distanced in the sanctuary
  • We’ll continue to offer the prayers, readings, and music on the projection screen as well as printed bulletins and e-bulletins.

The CDC’s COVID data tracker is below – please select “Ohio” from the state menu and then “Hamilton County” from the county menu to see our current transmission level and the CDC’s current mask guidelines.


Growing a Christian community where each is valued, accepted, and loved.


A community where each person feels valued, accepted, and loved by Jesus as part of God’s family.

Core Values

WORSHIP—Praising the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

FAITH—Trusting the Triune God.

FAMILY—A group of people, created by the Triune God, committed to caring for one another.