Friday, June 8: “Healer of our Every Ill”

Healer of Our Every Ill is a relatively modern hymn published in 1987, text and music by Marty Haugen. Its comforting message and melody illustrate God’s love for us. His caregiving relationship with us resonates in the refrain: “Healer of our every ill, light of each tomorrow, give us peace beyond our fear, and hope beyond our sorrow.”

We are encouraged to take our concerns to our Heavenly Father. Our faith will bring us peace of mind and ease the worries that plague our everyday lives. “You who know our fears and sadness, grace us with your peace and gladness; Spirit of all comfort, fill our hearts.”

God’s design for us is not to fret away our lives; His plan is to provide for our needs and guide us to contentment based on a trusting relationship with Him. “In the pain and joy beholding how your grace is still unfolding, give us all your vision, God of love.”

Much as we would seek help from protective parents, we should call on God to strengthen us and lead us through the challenges of life. “Give us strength to love each other, every sister, every brother; Spirit of all kindness, be our guide.”

The exemplary caregiver, God teaches us how to deal with tribulation while maintaining a sense of security and joy in the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father. “You who know each thought and feeling, teach us all your way of healing; Spirit of compassion, fill each heart.”

Life is not easy. There are problems, big and small; there are tragedies that befall us, personal fears that destroy our sense of well-being. Illness, loss, insecurity, financial woes, broken relationships, failures, all these aspects of living threaten our happiness unless we turn to the God who heals, comforts, reassures, and guides us.

Prayer: Dear Lord, Healer of our every ill, bolster us with your everlasting love. Be our caregiver every day and show us how to achieve your peace through faith. Amen.

Leslie Willet