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Sunday, December 3: Go Tell It on the Mountain

    Sunday, December 3: Go Tell It on the Mountain

    Have you ever stopped to consider how many glorious and wonderful things have to do with mountains? The Sermon on the Mount, the Ten Commandments, Moses’ sight of the Promised Land; as a matter of fact, there are at least twenty-one references to a mountain in the Bible. Mountains are glorious and majestic, so how fitting it is that we have a wonderful Christmas song that tells us to go spread the joyous news from a mountain, over hills and everywhere, that a savior, Jesus Christ, was born.

    I wait patiently every year to hear this song and let the melody and words take hold of me as I listen to the beautiful words and the story it tells. The wonderful shepherds keep watch; God sends a heavenly light that the shepherds feared, not knowing why such a bright light; then the angels sing out that a savior has been born, all leading up to the first Christmas gift and our salvation. If we really listen to the words of this song, we are told in the fourth verse to seek him both day and night, and if we seek him to help us, he will show us the way. Glory to God for giving us this gift. May your Christmas season be filled with His holy light. Go Tell It on the Mountain with peace, love, and giving in your heart.

    Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

    Kim Coulehan