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Wednesday, March 28: Psalm 31:9-16

    Wednesday, March 28: Psalm 31:9-16

    As we embark on another day of Lent, I wonder if we will fail or succeed in making it count. It can be measured when we have reached that wonderful day of Easter, and can look back on the forty days of Lent to see what we have accomplished.

    Psalm 31:9: “Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am in trouble.”

    Whether the Lord decides to show his mercy on us or not, in the present moment or the future, we must always continue to trust in the Lord. When you are in trouble, ask the Lord for mercy. When you are filled with grief caused by your own bad behavior, or what others perceive of you, ask the Lord for mercy. When these troubles weigh you down, ask the Lord for mercy, so these burdens can be lifted, and your strength renewed, your fear alleviated and the feeling of being alive again and not dead. Just remember if you feel you have fallen short of your Lenten expectations, remember you still have 273 days in the year to make it up.

    Jeff Ford