Thursday, March 29: “Holy God, We Praise Your Name”

Thursday, March 29: Holy God, We Praise Your Name

Ignaz Franz authored this now well-known hymn, and it is used throughout many Christian services. This hymn was written in the 18th century and, although it is used by most all faiths, it is best known as a Catholic hymn.

This hymn is an expression of worship directed to the Trinity. As stated in the hymn, all people, believers, and non-believers, recognize that the Almighty is sovereign to all and that his purpose will ultimately be accomplished. It reminds the listener that in their praise of God they are part of a long procession that began in Eden and includes prophets and apostles. It further states that martyrs and saints alike pour out their precious blood to save us from Satan.

This hymn is used mainly throughout the Christian community to show that all believers, living and dead, along with angels and saints, are praising one God. It is the purest form of praise and meant to show that God deserves such glory and honor, and that this glory and honor reaches across space and time and is unending.

Holy God, We Praise Your Name is extremely appropriate at this Lenten season, and we should hold it near to our hearts and minds as we approach this Easter Sunday.

Terri DeAngelis