Neighbor Visits – May 20

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Map with City of Reading highlighted

Reminder: On Saturday, May 20, please come to church at 10 am. We will have a brief training session on outreach to the community, and then knock on the doors of our neighbors so that we might listen to them for the Holy Spirit. For those for whom this sounds terrifying, do not be afraid. The training will prepare us for these conversations. We will simply be trying to live out Jesus’ call to be good neighbors, and the Spirit will go with us and before us. We will ask three simple questions:

  • What’s the biggest issue in the neighborhood?
  • What could be done to address that issue?
  • Is there anything that we can do for you?
  • Thank you all for your help with this part of our visioning process. We are hoping that listening to our neighbors will help us to discern what God wants St. Paul to do here in our community.