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Monday, March 12: Numbers 21:4-9

    Monday, March 12: Numbers 21:4-9

    “The Bronze Serpent”: These verses describe the Israelites becoming discouraged and resentful towards Moses and God, as their journey was through the dry unforgiving desert, where there was little food or water. When things seem unbearable and we become frustrated, we begin trying to lay blame on God or others. Rather than complaining, we should pray when we cannot see a way. We must remember who the way-maker is, and that He can do anything.

    By complaining, the Israelites brought down the wrath of God on themselves, as the Lord sent fiery serpents to bite them. So the people asked Moses to pray the Lord to take away the serpents after admitting their sin.

    When Moses prayed, the Lord gave an antidote for those who had been bitten: the bronze serpent. This was after many had died from being bitten, and this healing provision was only received by faith in God, not from the image of the bronze serpent. The Bible concordance says John’s gospel cited Jesus’s use of this imagery as a metaphor for His crucifixion. So just as when the Israelites looked upon the bronze snake with faith in God, they were healed, those who look in faith to Christ will be healed of their sins. Also those who saw Him and believed would have eternal life. PRAISE GOD!

    Elain Heskamp