Thursday, February 15: “Create in Me a Clean Heart”

Thursday, February 15: Create in Me a Clean Heart

Our spirit is like a compass that needs to point to “true north”, or the love of Jesus. However, daily we are pulled in other directions that cause us to sin and lose our way of faith. We forget God’s commandment, we choose our own way instead of God’s will, we don’t ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we should.

Our conscience, our guilt, and our sins remove us from God’s presence. We know we need our hearts purified, and our sins forgiven, as the burden of these weighs more than we can deal with on our own.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord for blessed mercy, assurance, and salvation. The Good News is that if we ask, our spirit will be renewed, and the Lord will bring us back into his fold of beloved souls.

Our burdens are not only lifted, but our sins are buried in the deepest part of the ocean: a beautiful loving gift that, if we embrace it, can provide a foretaste of eternal salvation, because nothing compares to Jesus’ loving peace. Amen.

Elain Heskamp