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Sunday, February 25: Mark 1:9-15

    Sunday, February 25: Mark 1:9-15

    In this passage Mark gives us a short version of the baptism of Jesus, his affirmation by God, and his support from the Holy Spirit as he is led into the wilderness and the temptation by Satan.

    We too can be led by the Spirit into a wilderness or situation in our lives that is inhospitable and dangerous, but that same Holy Spirit guides and aids us in that journey, so that we can come through it successfully and whole. Our faith and the guidance from scripture lead the way for us to do the work of Christ in the world, and give us strength to resist choosing an easy and selfish path that may be offered. We are called and given support to face trials and join in missions that may seem like an unfamiliar, dangerous, and threatening wilderness.

    We should be reminded from these verses that baptism and the power of the Holy Spirit are transformative for us, and an ongoing source of strength for our personal development and for us to do good work in the world. The good news is with us always, and with it we can improve ourselves and the lives of those around us.

    Rick Hedges