Bible Study: Week of October 18-24, 2021

This is the third week of our new Bible study series with Pastor Pete Rudowski.

This series is for those who want to begin or increase their Bible reading. It is also for longtime readers who want to review the basics of Bible reading and/or add a new insight or two on how to read the Bible. For both groups, the purpose of these videos is to enhance the Bible reading experience.
The six lenses of Bible reading are:

  1. The lens of expectations (if our expectations are met, we want to read the Bible)
  2. The lens of Apps (apps provide specific information on a topic in the Bible)
  3. The lens of evolution of faith (in the Bible there are five perspectives of who God is because of changes in the historical context)
  4. The lens of the medium is the message (13 mediums of language through which the Bible communicates)
  5. The lens of niche marketing (the Bible is written for specific groups and individuals)
  6. The lens of leadership (knowing 12 leaders in the Bible).

Pr. Pete’s video commentary this week: Lens 3, Evolution of Faith