Praying Together at Noon

Terri and Leslie had a creative idea for how we can be the church together during this time: by praying together every day at noon, wherever we are. Below is a schedule for the daily topic or group of people for whom to pray, but feel free to pray for whomever the Holy Spirit brings to mind. Know that when you pause and carry your loved ones and the world before God, your sisters and brothers in Christ are joining with you, too. A reminder of each day’s prayer will also be posted to Facebook.

Monday For those who are lonely or isolated during sequestering that they may experience Jesus’ presence with them. For guidance and inspiration about how we can be the presence of Jesus for one another.
Tuesday Our city, state, and federal leaders and all political leaders and elected officials around the world, that they may make decisions that protect those under their care with wisdom and justice for all.
Wednesday Healthcare workers, first responders, police officers, members of the armed services, all public servants, and “essential workers” who must continue to be exposed to risk, and their families.
Thursday Those who are furloughed, unemployed, or without an income during this crisis, that God may provide for all of their needs.
Friday The victims of the Covid 19 virus and their family, friends, and loved ones and those most vulnerable around the world with no access to life-saving healthcare.
Saturday Members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, past present and future, that God would guard and protect us all from harm and connect us in new ways to strengthen the bonds of love.
Sunday Religious leaders of all faiths and denominations around the world, and our Synod leaders: Bishop Suzanne Dillahunt and Assistants Pastors Bob Abrams and Katie Kerrigan, that God may sustain them and guide them to equip the Church for such a time as this.