Online Bible Study: Week of March 23-29

Bible study on the lessons for March 29, the 5th Sunday in Lent. Reflection questions are below the video (click “Continue Reading” if you don’t see them).

Scripture Readings

Ezekiel 37:1-14; Psalm 130; Romans 8:6-11; John 11:1-45 (Please click here to read them online.)

Video Discussion with Pastor Emily

Reflection Questions

  1. Both Lazarus and the Israelites get a new start in our first reading and the Gospel. How might God be giving us a new start during Covid-19?
  2. The Israelites said “Our bones are dried up. Our hope is lost. We are cut off completely.” But God said he would raise them up. Martha and Mary said their brother was dead and it was too late, but Jesus raised him from the dead. In these stories, humans speak out of hopelessness and God speaks to give them hope and life.
    What do you hear people saying this week about the virus and the condition of the world? What might God be saying in response to them?