Online Bible Study: Week of April 6-12

Bible study on the readings for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Reflection questions are below the video (click “Continue Reading” if you don’t see them).

Scripture Readings

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Video Discussion with Pastor Emily

Reflection Questions

  1. “Maundy” means “command.” The new commandment that Jesus gives on Maundy Thursday is to love one another so that we experience Jesus’ love (John 13:31-35). During this time when we can’t be physically present with each other and are sequestered, how can we show love to one another so that we actually feel Jesus’ love for each other? Think of specific examples!
  2. We are reminded at the crucifixion when blood and water pour out of Jesus’ side (John 19:34) that HE is the living water. For what are you thirsty this week and how might Jesus be meeting that need?
  3. Like the women who ran from the tomb to tell others of Jesus’ resurrection in Matthew 28:1-10, how can we tell of Jesus resurrection when we can’t actually get out of the house to tell others? Who near us/with us might need to hear it? What are other opportunities or mediums for telling of Jesus?
  4. What might the “good news” of Jesus be for the world faced with Covid-19?